You’re driving back home late at night on the freeway.  The road ahead is empty.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, you see a cow, or horse, or goat, or some other farm animal.  Caught off guard, you grip the steering wheel if you’re in a car, or swerve if you’re on a motorcycle.  You have to act quickly.  Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time.

A collision results.

You crash into the animal.  Or maybe you swerve in time to avoid the animal, but end up colliding with another vehicle.  Or maybe you run off of the road and end up colliding with a stationary object, like a tree or structure.  Maybe your vehicle ends up rolling over.

Livestock accidents occur more often than you probably think.   For numerous possible reasons, such as someone forgetting to lock a gate, or a fence suffering from a defect,  farm animals frequently escape from their enclosures and end up roaming onto roads, where they cause serious harm to unsuspecting drivers.

There are methods to identify the owner of the livestock. We have those resources.

If you or somebody you know has been involved in such an accident with roaming livestock (a “livestock accident”), this website will inform you about the issues you might be facing, including possible legal claims you may have against the livestock owner.

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